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Concertino (13 min.) (2010)
A concertino for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and orchestra. Commissioned by the Manukau Symphony Orchestra and Music Director Uwe Grodd with funding from Creative New Zealand.

Island of Wine (5 min.) (2009)
sample score
A single movement work commissioned by Father Arthur E Bridge for Ars Musica Australis. The premiere performance was given by the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra.

Aquarium & Puppets (5 min.) (2008) sample score
Two movements inspired by the chamber work, Barcelona Postcards. Was highly commended in the 2008 NZSO/TODD Corporation Young Composer Awards.

La Sagrada Família (6 min.) (2006, revised 2007) sample score
A colourful work that portrays the most unconventional church in Europe, The Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família. La Sagrada Família was the joint recipient of the NZSO/TODD Young Composer Awards in 2006.

Witch Scarers (7 min.) (2007-8) sample score
Written for the 2008 NZSO/SOUNZ Readings. The work describes the chimneys on the apartment building Casa Mila in Barcelona, designed by Antonio Gaudi. The sculpted chimneys were so eerie that they were nicknamed espantabruxes (witch-scarers).

Fanfare for Manukau (5 min.) (2007) sample score
Written for the Manukau City Symphony Orchestra. It conveys the spirit of the people in Manukau and also of their history by using some Maori/Pacific elements. Fanfare for Manukau was commissioned by the SOUNZ Community Commission for 2006 to be performed by Uwe Grodd and the Manukau City Symphony Orchestra.

Turista di Venezia (5 min.) (2006) mvt1 mvt2 sample score
The exhilarating feeling of taking a vaporetto down the Canal Grande in the early morning.

Tü-mata-uenga “God of War, Spirit of Man” (7 min.) (2005) sample score
A powerful and spirit rousing work inspired by the Maori story of Creation. Written as the NZSO National Youth Orchestra composer-in-residence.

String Orchestra

Dans la Nuit (15 min.) (2006) mvt1 mvt3 sample score
A dark work with unusual sounds created after hearing a violinist improvising on a chromatic scale. Written for Orchestre 2021 with the support of the NZ/France Friendship Fund.



Mirrors (7 min.) (2013) sample score
For cello and piano.
Composed for cellist Andrea Mundy.

Tag (5 min.) (2013)
For two celli.
Composed for cello2ette, premiered in Cambridge, UK, July 24th 2013.Mallet (5 min.) (2012) sample score
For solo flute.
Commissioned by flautist Liam Mallet for his tour of the North Island, New Zealand in 2011.

Barcelona Postcards (14 min.) (2005, revised 2009) sample score
A snapshot of scenes in Barcelona: The Aquarium, Harbour, Puppets in the Square, La Sagrada Familia and Park Güell with dancing. Barcelona Postcards received an Honorific Mention Award in the 2005 Frederic Mompou International Award.

Twitter (9 min.) (2009) sample score
Commissioned by Ensemble Selisih with funding from Creative New Zealand. Performed in Germany, Indonesia and New Zealand during their tour in July and August 2009.

Tutukaka (8 min.) (2007) sample score
Commissioned by Chamber Music New Zealand Tutukaka was inspired by  memories of  time spent  in Northland, New Zealand.

Le Marteau du Destin (8 min.) (2003-6) mvt 2 sample score1 sample score2
A collection of Japanese haiku associated with nature, for female voice with chamber ensemble.


Games (5 min.) (2006) sample score
Based on Shostakovich’s String Quartet No.3, Op. 73. Winner of the 6th ADAM International Cello Festival and Competition Young Composers Competition.

Violaceous (9 min.) (2004) sample score
The interplay of two contrasting characters, the first is light and carefree while the second is reflective.


Youth Orchestra

Rainbows and Roses (4 min.) (2005) sample score
Another happy work for Youth Chamber Orchestra

Comic (4 min.) (2004) sample score
A happy work for Youth Chamber Orchestra


Aqua (5 min.) (2004)
Based on a phrase of violin harmonics.

Un-plucked (6 min.) (2004)
One violin pizzicato creates many sounds.

Mission Bay (7 min.) (2004)
A collage of sounds recorded in Mission Bay, Auckland.

Intergalactic Busking Experience (6 min.) (2004)
O Sole Mio as you’ve never heard it before.


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