‘new look’ website

Websites made2orderWelcome to the ‘new look’ www.robintoan.com!

The new face of robintoan.com is officially online today! This website was professionally made for me by Websites made2order they are a new web design and development company based in Auckland, New Zealand. I can’t recommend them enough as they had super creative skills (I just love the look of my website and what it does..), speedy service (I got my new website within a week of ordering) and value for money.

Please contact me to let me know what you think of it. I would really love to know!

The new features of my website site are endless…well! almost :)

  1. I have a Blog – my blog allows me to post news with pictures! It’s also easily archived on the right into month and different categories.
  2. My new Works page lets you listen to recordings and view sample scores.
  3. Reviews This great new section allows you to read reviews of my works.
  4. Services. This is the commercial side of my website where you can read about commissioning a new work, my services as a copyist, engraver, arranger, orchestrator and teacher.

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