Top 5 Musical Europe

Quality Busking, York1) University of York
I had an affinity with the University of York, particularly with the composer and lecturer Nicola LeFanu. It is now my goal to return to York to study a PHD!!!

2) Berlin Philharmonic
I’m not sure I need to say anything except they were aaaamazing…

3) Prague Spring Festival
The concert halls and variety of concerts were just amazing and the number of the people who go to hear classical music was overwhelming.Robin and Billie Piper

4) Culture in London
I still can’t get over the amount of stuff going on in London. Everyday there are literally hundreds of concerts, plays and musicals. As much as I loved the concerts, I think the highlight was getting Billie Piper’s autograph after seeing her play Treats by Christopher Hampton!!

5) Musikhochschule, Lübeck
Location, location, location…..The Musikhochschule is hidden in a pretty street that slopes down to the river in the heart of the old city….ahhh….how ideal. It’s also just a couple of minutes walk from Niederegger – only the most delicious marzipan ever made.

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