Ticket to London

I just brought my ticket to London! I had to make a really quick decision as a lot of the 2007 Earlybird specials ended today. I’m flying out on the 29th of March – which isn’t very far away considering what I have to do before then…let me make a list…go to Paris, write a CMNZ Commission, a MCSO Commission, attend the ACL Asia Pacific Festival in Feb, complete and hand in my Masters… I am getting a little panicked thinking … I won’t be getting much sunshine this summer!!

Today I also did a pre-recoded interview for National Radio. It will be broadcast next Sunday, 19th Nov. I’m not sure what time yet. I’ll try to find out. Please tune in!

If you would like to view photos from the Edwin Carr Foundation Scholarship presentation please visit Robert Catto’s website. Robert seems to go for the ‘in the moment look’ :)

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