SOUNZ website launch

SOUNZ is a music information centre which provides, fosters and promotes music by New Zealand composers through services and projects which encourage its creation, performance, publication, recording and broadcast.”

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend the launch of the new SOUNZ website held at the APRA offices in Mt Eden, Auckland. It was a really happy event to celebreate some 20 months work by the people at SOUNZ. The new website makes it really easy to search for and buy music by new zealanders. We were treated to a 1 minute piece by James Gardner performed by Andrew Uren and Katherine Hebley -just to prove that you could search for a 1 minute piece for cello and bass clarinet and find something. There was a video about the new features of the website and some speaches by the Minister for Arts, Judith Tizard, the president of CANZ, Glenda Keam and Silla Askew from SOUNZ.

When you have time, take a look at the wonderful website for contemporary new zealand music SOUNZ.

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