Sensational York

Learning at the Univeristy of YorkI was really impressed by the University of York, from the picturesque lake setting to the size and quality of its musical facilities. They have three auditoriums, a whole block dedicated to research and above all a huge composition department – there are over thirty PHD composition students alone! Despite this I was delighted to find that it was just as common to see another student walk by as it was a family of geese.

I was warmly welcomed by Nicola LeFanu and Roger Marsh and was immediately made to feel at home. My sessions with Nicola were both thoroughly enjoyable and insightful. I learnt a lot about my writing style, my weakness and even my strengths. Both Nicola and Roger introduced me to a range of new music that was unknown to me that I am keen to explore. I also spent long afternoons in their large music library studying their contemporary scores. Many that I had never had a chance to see before.

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