I have a title!

I have a title!! <and believe me, that’s news> With some pieces I haven’t got a clear title. For example, Turista di Venezia was easy. I was writing about Venezia and each movement told a little story about my travels there; taking a ride on the Canal Grande, visiting the Ducal Palace and walking through the beautiful rooms or sitting on some steps in the Piazza San Marco eating a carrot… This piece was different. I was creating strange textures and colours with irregular rhythms, exploring small intervals, glissandi, harmonics and sul ponticello. It has an atmosphere of apprehension and suspense. To tell the truth there are some quite tormented bits aswell! Anyway, this is where my sister, Vicki came to the rescue. “dans la nuit” perfect. In the night. It completely sums up my work. There is a lot of sneaking around, dark melodies and sudden crashes. I am really looking forward to hearing this creation! We will be recording it at the concert in Paris so I’ll be able to put up some extracts when I get back. I’m expecting the CD from the NZSO/TODD Young Composers Awards to arrive soon so I’ll have something else for the recordings page very soon.

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