Just letting you know – I’m still alive!Saturday market in Freiburg

I had a very enjoyable time in the city of Freiburg. The university was really nice and had great facilities. It was also in a fantastic location, just minutes on foot from the centre of town. It had a very international feel being so close to France and Switzerland. I can see why so many New Zealanders’ gravitate there. It’s a really lovely place.

Back at the old piano again – I’m steadily working my way through another composition, this time for orchestra. I have so many ideas that I have to keep telling myself to save them up for the next one… or ten compositions!

2 thoughts on “Freiburg

  1. hugo

    Hey Robin
    Did you know I live in Freiburg and study at the musikhochschule? A pity you didn’t know. If you are ever back in the area give me an email.
    Hugo Zanker

  2. Robin Toan Post author

    Hi Hugo
    I didn’t know! That’s such a shame…Freiburg was so nice, I loved it there and the surrounding country – I was there just when all the cherries were ripe…yum! I’d love to go back sometime so I’ll defiantly email then.

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