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Mallet – for Liam Mallet

Liam Mallet

Liam Mallet

Liam Mallet, a kiwi flautist based in Germany, commissioned a new work for his tour of the North Island in 2012.  He performed in in Hamilton, Kerikeri, Whangarei and Auckland in August 2012. I wrote him a percussive and technical work for solo flute titled Mallet. Here is an excerpt from the score.

Back in NZ -John Chen and Julia McCarthy’s CMNZ Tour

View from Pacific Rendezvous, TutukakaI’m back in Auckland now enjoying the start of springtime. I don’t have time to talk about the wonders of my time in Europe at the moment – but I promise that I will dedicate enough time to spell out the delightful journey I went on over the past months!

Tonight, I’m zooming down to Te Awamutu to hear the 3rd of 16 Chamber Music New Zealand concerts by John Chen and Julia McCarthy. They premiered my commission, Tutukaka, on Wednesday night in Gore.
The work was inspired by childhood memories of summer holidays spent in Northland, New Zealand.

This is the main composition that I worked on with my tutors in Europe and I think I learnt a lot from them. It will be very interesting to listen to as you will (hopefully!) be able to hear the influences of my overseas training.

Ticket to London

I just brought my ticket to London! I had to make a really quick decision as a lot of the 2007 Earlybird specials ended today. I’m flying out on the 29th of March – which isn’t very far away considering what I have to do before then…let me make a list…go to Paris, write a CMNZ Commission, a MCSO Commission, attend the ACL Asia Pacific Festival in Feb, complete and hand in my Masters… I am getting a little panicked thinking … I won’t be getting much sunshine this summer!!

Today I also did a pre-recoded interview for National Radio. It will be broadcast next Sunday, 19th Nov. I’m not sure what time yet. I’ll try to find out. Please tune in!

If you would like to view photos from the Edwin Carr Foundation Scholarship presentation please visit Robert Catto’s website. Robert seems to go for the ‘in the moment look’ :)

I have a title!

I have a title!! <and believe me, that’s news> With some pieces I haven’t got a clear title. For example, Turista di Venezia was easy. I was writing about Venezia and each movement told a little story about my travels there; taking a ride on the Canal Grande, visiting the Ducal Palace and walking through the beautiful rooms or sitting on some steps in the Piazza San Marco eating a carrot… This piece was different. I was creating strange textures and colours with irregular rhythms, exploring small intervals, glissandi, harmonics and sul ponticello. It has an atmosphere of apprehension and suspense. To tell the truth there are some quite tormented bits aswell! Anyway, this is where my sister, Vicki came to the rescue. “dans la nuit” perfect. In the night. It completely sums up my work. There is a lot of sneaking around, dark melodies and sudden crashes. I am really looking forward to hearing this creation! We will be recording it at the concert in Paris so I’ll be able to put up some extracts when I get back. I’m expecting the CD from the NZSO/TODD Young Composers Awards to arrive soon so I’ll have something else for the recordings page very soon.

Updates, Feedback and Photos

Thank you to everyone who has visited my website. I’ve had great feedback. It’s so exciting to finally have my website ‘online’. I worked really hard on the site with Vanessa (she’s the technical brains). I’ve just added more pictures to my gallery from the NZSO/TODD Young Composers Awards. The pictures were taken by Stephen Gibbs from SOUNZ. Thanks Stephen :) I’m progressing well with my Paris piece. I’ve spent the last few days finalizing my orchestration before I do my last big edit. I’m trying to think of a title and it’s really stressing me out. Its all about having a good title…;P We’re leaving next month!!! Yay!

work, work, work

Hi Everyone, I’m working on my string orchestra piece for Paris at the moment. I’m trying out different techniques and creating really interesting colours. Getting them all to mesh nicely is quite a challenge. I’ve got about three more weeks before I have to post the score and parts off to the conductor – so its work, work, work!