Asia Pacific Festival in Wellington, New Zealand

Greetings from the Asia Pacific Festival in Wellington, New Zealand.
Yesterday was the ACL Young Composers Competition. There were from 8 different countries represented – NZ, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Korea, Thailand and Israel. The compositions were played by STROMA and friends. STROMA is a seriously talented group of kiwi musicians made up primarily from members of the NZSO.
I was really happy with the way my piece “Le Marteau du Destin” was played by STROMA and Claire Nash. They had just two rehearsals but made it sound brilliant. Clarie is also a fantastic singer. She brought life and a really engaging theatrical quality to my work. I had great feedback from the audience and lots of people came up to me to tell me how much they enjoyed it.
The prize of the evening went to Hong Kong and Australia. They also gave out a different prize for the best young composer from the host nation throughout the entire festival. Sam Holloway won with ‘Fault’ which was played by the NZSO the night before. I was given an honourable mention which is very nice as there were a lot of great pieces by young kiwis in the Festival.
All the Young Composers have been put up at Weir House – part of the Victoria University student accommodation (nicknamed Warehouse). It’s actually pretty cool here as we have the run of the place while the students are on holiday. I particularly enjoy being able to simultaneously use 4 TV rooms, table tennis and 10 computers. But nothing can beat the lovely smell of school dinners wafting up the stairwell to your room at 5pm.
I am now brimming with strange and beautiful ideas. Tomorrow I will return to Auckland where I will get back to writing!

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